Additional Resources

For the latest official updates and eligibility information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, visit the PA Dept of Health’s vaccine page here. You can also call the PA Department of Health Hotline at 1-877-724-3258.

Philadelphia is a separate jurisdiction for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Philadelphia has its own timetable, rules and requirements; Philadelphia information can be found on their Health Department website here.

County-specific health information

See HERE for a list of all government health websites for counties in PA. Visit your county’s department of health website, as well as the PA Department of Health website noted above, for additional information on the coronavirus vaccine rollout in your county.

Appointment scheduling guides

The documents below provide step-by-step instructions to navigate the vaccine appointment websites for several popular chain pharmacies.

Individual scheduling assistance is unable to provide individual assistance to schedule vaccines for individuals. However, several volunteer groups provide assistance to seniors who may have difficulty navigating the internet to schedule appointments. We recommend the volunteer Facebook groups PA Covid Vaccine Match Maker (state-wide), Getting Pittsburgh Vaccinated, and Lehigh Valley Covid Vaccine Info.

In addition, seniors in Southwestern PA specifically may find helpful these resources, and those who are helping seniors may find helpful this compilation of vaccine-related information put together by these groups.

Data on vaccine shipments

Data nerds and policy analysts: See here for data on how many vaccine shipments have been received weekly across PA, and visit here to see vaccine shipment data for each healthcare provider in your chosen county.

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